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Welcome to Bella Diva World Dance!
Founded in 2010, Bella Diva Dance is a Denver based world dance company that offers both instructional dance classes and professional themed shows centered around Belly Dance, Brazilian Samba, & Indian Bollywood dance forms. Our mission is to empower women by instilling in them a greater sense of self-confidence and positive body image through the expression and study of dance!

We at Bella Diva Dance believe dance is for EVERY body, age, and background.  Seeking to elevate belly dance and samba as a performance art and to create a community for local belly & samba dancers, Bella Diva Dance produces several professional theatrical shows as well as offer Semi-Annual Student Showcases. Whether a seasoned dancer or one with no dance experience, Bella Diva Dance has something for you!

Offering Denver a fun, relaxed environment to 
celebrate the joy and beauty of Belly Dance, 
Brazilian Samba no Pe, Bollywood & Yoga!

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Dance With Us August 2014!
NEW 4 Week Series of Belly Dance, Samba, Bollywood & Yoga starts the week July 1st. Click HERE for more info and how to sign up! 



© 2011 Bella Diva Dance. All Rights Reserved

Wednesday July 16th, 8 PM
at Lannie's Clocktower!
Dive into the world of fairies and mischief as Puck journeys through a panorama of world dance and circus arts, contortion, aerial dance, Belly Dance, Bollywood, and Samba.A face and body painter will be on site to transform guests into fairies & sprites! Get your tickets now!!